We invite you to join us for a FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY, FREE Game Night via Zoom. The games we play for each show change each week. All you need is a device and an internet connection to play! We guarantee your whole family, ages 5 and up, will have a great time.

There are two ways to participate:

  1. As a Chat Participant

This option is easy. All you need is a device and an internet connection. Simply register for the Game Shows below. You'll get an invite link and can even add a reminder to your online calendar.

During the show, you will NOT be on camera, and you'll enter your guesses and cheer on the featured family teams via the Chatbox. So easy!

  1. As Featured, On-Camera Family

Think you have what it takes to be one of our featured, on-camera families? We'd love to have you! You'll need an actual computer with a webcam (tablets and phones don't work well) and a high-speed internet connection at your house. You'll be on-camera LIVE, so you'll also need to ensure that nothing that isn't Family Friendly will happen during the game. If this option doesn't sound right for you...no worries! Join as a Chat Participant!

Interested in your family being an ON-CAMERA, LIVE CAMERA CONTESTANT for one of our shows?

Who's Bluffing?

NOVEMBER 11, 2022

Join us as families go head to head trying to figure out who is telling the truth and who is bluffing. This hilarious game will keep you engaged with outrageous, yet believable stories. Who is bluffing? You decide!

Two pre-selected families will compete on-camera as panelists, but EVERYONE who registers has the opportunity to play and answer the questions using the chat box. (Don’t worry . . . we monitor everything before it’s posted so it’s always family friendly.) Which family will win?

We look forward to seeing you and your family for a fun night of virtual games and prizes!

Previous Game Nights

What's The Question?

OCTOBER 14, 2022

Join us as two families go head to head in this challenging Jeopardy-style competitive game. Our contestants will be presented with general knowledge clues from our FLEx curriculum and must phrase their responses in the form of questions. Attendees will be able to chat with our host and teachers during this exciting match of the minds. Which family will win?