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In the Future Learning Experience (FLEx) program, we provide families with a combination of highly engaging virtual live lessons and asynchronous/independent activities guaranteed to have your child excited for learning every day. We ensure students are online for developmentally appropriate amounts of time either mostly in the morning or mostly in the afternoon, allowing you to structure the rest of the day in a way that makes sense for you. Our lessons and activities use games, role-plays, puzzle quests, escape rooms, hands-on projects and more...bringing learning "alive" for students.

The FLEx program is part of Hampton City Schools, a public education district in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and is free to any child living in the state of Virginia.

(Are you a teacher looking to apply to the FLEx Program? Find more info here.)


We work as partners with our families to provide quality, flexible learning options for all students.


We make learning a personalized adventure through highly-engaging online activities that use content to teach collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

We do this by...

Watch the video below to see what the Future Learning Experience is all about.

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